Complete Aquatics 2-Pin Quick Connect Wiring Accessories

Complete Aquatics

SKU: LA10240

These 2-Pin Quick Connect wiring accessories from Complete Aquatics can be used with various Complete Aquatics LED lights with Quick Connects.

12 Volt Photocell & Timer (LA10240)
This easily programmable controller will turn Quick Connect lighting or other systems on at dusk and then off within a set time period–4, 6 or 8 hours. Also, ideal to use with the IonMate® Electronic Algae Control Device prolonging the copper probe life.

5-Way Outdoor Splitter (LA10054)
5-Way Outdoor Splitter comes with input cord and water proof caps. It also comes with Quick Connect Adapter.

Quick Connect Adapter (LA10080)
The Quick Connect Adapter has a Quick Connect fitting on one end and a pigtail end on the other.

25' Extension Cord with 5 Quick Connects (LA10062)
This 25' Quick Connect extension cord has 5 female plugs at 5' intervals. At its male end, the extension cord has a pigtail end.

30' Extension Cord (PM06073)
The 30' Extension Cord has male and female Quick Connect ends on the two ends.

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