Complete Aquatics 5 Piece Telescoping Fountain Kit

Complete Aquatics

SKU: FO30027

The 5 Piece Telescoping Fountain Kit from Complete Aquatics creates beautiful visual effects and soothing sound for ponds and water gardens of all sizes! They also provide a valuable aeration function for healthy ponds. This kit includes three nozzles (Aqua Bell, 3-Tier Fleur-de-Lis, and Venturi Foam Jet Bubbler), Divert Valve and Telescoping Riser Tube.
  • Fits most mag-drive pumps from 350gph-950gph
Pattern Spray Height Spray Width
3-Tier Fleur-de-Lis 25" - 46" 22" - 40"
Aqua Bell N/A 9" - 20"
Venturi Foam Jet (Bubbler) 8" - 16" N/A

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