Discharge Kit For Savio Compact Skimmer and MS-550 or MS-3000 Pumps

Practical Garden Ponds


This 2" Discharge Kit is for use with Monsoon MS-550 - Monsoon MS-3000 pumps and the Savio Compact Skimmer. (Not for use with the Savio Standard Skimmer)

It comes equipped with a Union and Check Valve for easy pump maintenance or winterization. Intended to be glued to 2" PVC exiting the skimmer. A filter mat may have to be removed to insert or remove the pump.

The discharge kit can easily be reduced back to 1.5" exiting the skimmer using a slip to SPG Reducer- 437-251

Threads to 1.5" MPT to 2" Slip Exiting the skimmer. Includes Check Valve and union.

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