CrystalClear® ClearOut™ Clarifying Beneficial Bacteria Packets


SKU: CC210-6

CrystalClear ClearOut is a concentrated beneficial bacteria formulation that reduces nutrients, odors, and suspended organics in the water column. This results in clearer water that benefits the well-being of aquatic life. 

Application Instructions

Do not open packets. Distribute evenly from shoreline or throughout body of water every 2 weeks when temperatures are above 50°F. May be applied to ponds and lakes used for irrigation, aquaculture, recreation, fishing, etc. Do not apply to water used for human consumption.

 SKU Description Qty of Tablets Treatment Area
C210-6 CrystalClear ClearOut 6lb (12) 8oz Packets Up to 1/4 Acre for 3 months
C210-24 CrystalClear ClearOut 24lb (48) 8oz Packets Up to 1 Acre for 3 months

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