CrystalClear® MuckOut™ Beneficial Bacteria Tablets


SKU: CC200-6

CrystalClear MuckOut is a beneficial bacteria formulation that removes pond and lake muck from along shorelines, docks, or beaches. Can be used to remove up to 2" of muck per month. This natural bacteria is safe for fish and wildlife.

Application Instructions

Distribute evenly from shoreline or throughout body of water every 2 weeks when temperatures are above 50°F. May be applied to ponds and lakes used for irrigation, aquaculture, recreation, fishing. Do not apply to water used for human consumption.

 SKU Description Qty of Tablets Treatment Area
CC200-6 CrystalClear MuckOut 6lb (96) 1oz Tablets Up to 1/4 Acre for 3 months
CC200-24 CrystalClear MuckOut 24lb (384) 1oz Tablets Up to 1 Acre for 3 months

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