CrystalClear® RapiClear™ Flocculent Clarifier


SKU: CC063-16

CrystalClear® RapiClear™ is designed to clear cloudy, muddled pond water quickly, usually within 1-3 hours depending on the size of the pond. RapiClear™ will quickly restore pond water to a brilliant shine. RapiClear™ has unique properties that allow suspended particles in water to attract together and fall to the bottom of the pond where they can be vacuumed out or removed by filtration. The result is an extremely fast clearing of the pond.
  • Flocculates & Clears Pond Water
  • Fast-Acting, Works in as Little as 1 Hour
  • Safe for All Aquatic Life
CrystalClear® RapiClear™ Dosage Rates:
Pond Size (In Gallons) RapiClear™ (As Needed)
Up To 500 Gallons 1 Ounce
Up To 1,000 Gallons 2 Ounces
Up To 2,000 Gallons 4 Ounces
Up To 4,000 Gallons 8 Ounces

Application Rate
When a problem arises, apply RapiClear™ as prescribed up to every 3 days until pond becomes clear.

Product Notices
Do not use other chemicals while treating with this product

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