CrystalClear® TrueBlue™ Pond & Lake Dye Packets, 4 Pack


SKU: CC222-4

CrystalClear® Pond & Lake Dye keeps water clear and provides shade from the sun's UV rays! Plus, they turn the pond or lake into a lovely, vibrant blue color. Each packet treats up to 1/2 surface acre with 4'-6' depth for several months. 5 year shelf life.

Safe for aquatic life, and may be used in water used by livestock, birds, pets, and wildlife. Do not apply to water intended for human consumption. 

Application Instructions

If applying multiple packets, toss into several areas of the pond — no mixing required.  For best results all season long, apply in early spring. Reapply every 4-8 weeks, or as needed, in order to maintain blue color all season long. Please note that heavy rainfall and/or intense sunlight may require additional treatment. 

 SKU Description Treatment Period
CC222-4 TrueBlue™ Dye Packets, 4 Pack Up to 1/2 acre for up to 8 months
Up to 1 acre for up to 4 months

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