Dalen® Bird-X® Netting Protective Netting for Fruits & Vegetables



Dalen® Bird-X® Netting protects fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests. This netting has strong, durable 5/8" x 3/4" polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors. This protective netting comes in a variety of sizes to fit various needs.

SKU UPC Code Description
BN-1 016069000073 Bird-X® Netting, 7' x 20'
BN-2 016069000080 Bird-X® Netting, 14' x 14'
BN-3 016069000134 Bird-X® Netting, 28' x 28'
BN-4 016069000141 Bird-X® Netting, 14' x 45'
BN-5 016069000158 Bird-X® Netting, 14' x 75'

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