Dalen® Natural Enemy Scarecrow® Solar-Powered Motion-Sensing Tiger Owl™



The Dalen® Natural Enemy Scarecrow® Motion-Sensing Tiger Owl™ deters pests and predators from yards, gardens, and ponds! This 18" hand-painted, life-like owl decoy has a rotating head, which is powered by solar energy and requires no batteries. When the sensitive motion sensor detects movement (e.g. when a bird flies nearby or a rabbit approaches), the owl moves its head, scaring away pests or predators.

  • Pest and predator deterrence without using chemicals or batteries!
  • Rotating head activated by motion sensor (up to 23' range)
  • Hand-painted recycled materials, safe and humane
  • 18" tall
Note: If you set up an owl and leave it in place for the whole season, pests can adapt to its presence, even if its head spins. We recommend using the Natural Enemy Scarecrow® as needed, and keeping them indoors when out of use.

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