Deco Wall Scupper w/ Round Plate, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Practical Garden Ponds

SKU: S901

Deco Wall Scupper is perhaps the most versatile scupper Black Oak Foundry offers. The sleek design complements every water feature style from classic to contemporary. Available in Oil rubbed Bronze.

The Deco Wall Scupper is available with your choice of three size options.

1 1/2-inch, 2-inch or 2 1/2-inch.

  • Grounding Lug included
Size  Weight  Dimensions  Connections Rec. Flow
1.5" 1.5Lbs 4.5 in. projection x 4 in. back plate diameter 1-1/2 in. Male NPT 3-5 GPM
2" 2.5 Lbs 5 in. projection x 4 in. back plate diameter 2 in. Male NPT 3-8 GPM
2.5" 3.5Lbs 6 in. projection x 5.5 in. back plate diameter 2-1/2 in. Male NPT 5-10 GPM

2 Weeks ETA

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