EasyPro AquaShine Warm White LED Fountain Light Kits


SKU: WFL2-100

EasyPro AquaShine lights provide radiance that brings your fountain to life when the sun goes down! These warm white LED fountain light kits can be used with a variety of fountains, such as EasyPro Aqua Fountains, EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads, Kasco VFX Fountains, or Kasco JF Fountains.

Waterproof quick connect plugs used on fixtures, splitters, cords, and controller. 3 year warranty on fixtures; 1 year warranty on controller, remote, and cords.

Kit includes:

  • Stainless steel 11 Watt LED lights with warm white diodes
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware
  • Cord splitter to allow full set to plug into one outlet
  • Weather-resistant controller with digital timer
 SKU Description Wattage Compatible
WFL2-100 2 Light Kit, 100' Power Cord 22W Up to 3/4 HP
WFL2-150 2 Light Kit, 150' Power Cord
WFL2-200 2 Light Kit, 200' Power Cord
WFL3-100 3 Light Kit, 100' Power Cord 33W Up to 2 HP
WFL3-150 3 Light Kit, 150' Power Cord
WFL3-200 3 Light Kit, 200' Power Cord
WFL4-100 4 Light Kit, 100' Power Cord 44W Up to 2 HP
WFL4-150 4 Light Kit, 150' Power Cord
WFL4-200 4 Light Kit, 200' Power Cord
WFL6N-100 6 Light Kit, 100' Cord (Fits Kasco 1pc Float) 66W Up to 5 HP
WFL6N-150 6 Light Kit, 150' Cord (Fits Kasco 1pc Float)
WFL6N-200 6 Light Kit, 200' Cord (Fits Kasco 1pc Float)


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