EasyPro Axiom Pond Skimmer/Filter Combo



EasyPro Pro-Series skimmer/filter combines mechanical and biological filtration all in one! This innovative product features a multi-chamber design: debris net and filter brushes for mechanical filtration, Tube Bio-Media for biological filtration, and pump chamber safely in the back.

  • One-piece aluminum framed debris net for quick and easy cleaning
  • Flange above water inlet allows you to place rocks overhanging the inlet
  • Dual 2" and one 3" factory installed spinweld bulkhead fittings for using 1-2 pumps
  • Adjustable overflow for adjusting finished pond level
  • Includes stainless steel hardware and silicone for securing to liner
Model Description Max
Pond Size
Inlet Dimensions
PSA3600D Axiom Skimmer/
Filter Combo
4000 gallons (no fish),
2000 gallons (with fish)
3600gph 8" 33" x 19" x 23"

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