EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract



EasyPro Barley Straw Extract is an all-natural liquid formula that goes to work faster than barley pellets or bales. Decomposing barley straw has been shown to provide low doses of hydrogen peroxide in the water in the presence of oxygen and sunlight. This provides a safe, natural way of improving water quality in ponds. Liquid Barley Straw Extract begins to work faster by immediately starting the decomposition process.

  • Maintains a healthy balanced ecosystem and reduces pond maintenance
  • Works faster than using straw and keeps water clean and clear
  • Safe for use with aquatic life and pets
Application: Each ounce treats 500 gallons of pond water. Apply every two weeks throughout spring and summer, as needed.

SKU Description
BSE16 EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract, 16oz
BSE32 EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract, 32oz
BSE128 EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract, Gallon
BSE-55G EasyPro Liquid Barley Straw Extract, 55 Gallons

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