EasyPro Contractor Pump Vaults



These pumps are among the strongest in the industry! They feature heavy-duty construction to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock and slots in the sides to allow water into the pump. Intake tubes are available to increase flow capacity

Vault Extension
Vault extensions allow you to dig your reservoir deeper -- great for tight areas! Vault extensions include flange to fit snugly onto main vault. Multiple extensions can be used if necessary.

SKU Description Dimensions Max Flowrate Wt
JAFM Small Pump Vault 16" x 16" x 22"H 7500gph 17lb
JAFME Small Vault Extension 13" Diameter x 12"H - 5lb
JAFM30 Intake Tube for JAFM 4" Diameter x 30"L Add 2500gph 3lb
JAFV Large Pump Vault 24" x 24" x 32"H 18000gph 54lb
JAFVE Large Vault Extension 20" Diameter x 18.5"H - 9lb
JAFV30 Intake Tube for JAFV 8" Diameter x 30"L Add 5000gph 6lb

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