EasyPro Deep Water Solar Aeration Systems



Deep Water Solar Aeration Systems utilize rocking piston compressors to deliver effective aeration to deeper water depths than other traditional solar systems. These "Direct Sunlight" systems operate during daylight hours and are designed to start earlier, run later and even operate on moderately cloudy days, giving you more operating time. The results are much more total air delivered per day than other non-battery systems currently on the market. All kits can effectively pump water down to maximum depth of 35' deep.

Each system includes:

  • Solar panels with mounting racks (mounting poles purchased locally)
  • Rocking piston compressors
  • Powder-coated lockable aluminum cabinet
  • Two cooling fans, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, adjustable manifold
  • Quick Sink air diffusers (Complete Kits only)
  • 1/2" Quick Sink weighted tubing (Complete Kits only)
SKU Description Compressor Solar Panels Diffusers Tubing
SASD12 1.5 Acre Aeration
(Complete Kit)
2.2cfm airflow
2-valve manifold
3 2 200'
SASD23 2.5 Acre Aeration
(Complete Kit)
4.3cfm airflow
3-valve manifold
4 3 300'
4 Acre Aeration
(Complete Kit)
6.0cfm airflow
4-valve manifold
4 400'
  • 15 Year Warranty on solar panels
  • Lifetime warranty against rust on aluminum cabinet
  • 5 Year Warranty on airline and diffusers
  • 3 Year Warranty on compressor (excludes wearable items: piston cup, valves, air filters, etc.)

Ships by truck freight, which requires that you be present at time of delivery. Freight company will call to schedule an appointment.

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