EasyPro Natural Phosphate Binder, 15 Pounds



This natural, plant-based powder formulation provides a non-chemical alternative to using aluminum sulfate (Alum) in pond water. It not only binds phosphates, but buffers pH, provides 70 trace minerals, helps settle mud and clay particles, and aids in reducing ammonia!

  • Improves clarity and buffers pH
  • Reduces phosphates and ammonia
  • Provides trace minerals and stimulates biological activity

Why are Phosphates a Problem?
Phosphorus is an important nutrient for aquatic plants. The amount found in water is generally not more than 0.1 ppm, unless the water has become polluted from wastewater sources or excessive fertilizer runoff. When phosphorus exceeds the levels required for normal pond health, a process called eutrophication (premature aging) takes place. This causes problems with water quality and clarity. EasyPro Phosphate Binder was shown in laboratory testing to reduce phosphate levels by 90%. 

Apply 3-5 pounds per acre-foot of water to lower phosphate levels.

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