Stratus SRC Series Rocking Piston Compressors



Stratus SRC Series "Gen 2" Rocking Piston Compressors are specifically designed for the demanding job of 24-hour operation, making it ideal for pond aeration systems. The shore-mounted compressor sends air through tubing to a bottom mounted diffuser for a safe, effective way to aerate ponds. Units include air filter, rubber feet and 5' power cord.
  • Oil-free motor and permanently lubricated bearings
  • Universal dual voltage motor; single or double cylinder design
  • Includes Stratus Smart-Start technology to start under load
  • Superior quality, flexible cup material for increased reliability
  • Die-cast body components for overall strength
  • Maximum 30 psi
  • 2 year warranty
Power Voltage Amps Operating Cost Max Airflow Ship Wt
SRC25 1/4hp 115v 1.7A $0.40 / 24hr 2.3cfm 17lb
SRC252 230v 0.9A
SRC50 1/2hp 115v 3.6A $0.86 / 24hr 4.5cfm 22lb
SRC502 230v 1.8A
SRC75 3/4hp 115v 4.5A $1.10 / 24hr 6.5cfm 26lb
SRC75 230v 2.3A

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