EasyPro PA66 Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System



EasyPro PA66 Aeration Systems include compressor, valved outlet assembly, pressure relief valve, airlines, and diffusers. 2 year warranty on compressor; 5 year warranty on tubing and diffusers.
  • 1/2hp 115v Stratus SRC Gen 2 rocking piston compressor
  • Three-valve manifold with pressure relief 
  • 300' of 3/8" tubing (optional)
  • (3) QS2 self-weighted rubber membrane diffuser assemblies (optional)
Amps Max Pond Size Max Air Flow Max Depth
3.6 3 acres 4.5cfm (1.5cfm/diffuser) 50'

Note: In some situations, it is easier to locate compressor near an existing power supply rather than near the pond. For these cases, it may be preferable to locate the air manifold near the pond and away from the compressor, running a single airline from compressor to manifold before splitting the airline into the multiple lines needed for multiple diffusers. Please contact us to discuss this available option, which only adds about $50-75 to the cost of your aeration system (depending on size of system).

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