EasyPro Deluxe Dual Compressor Rotary Vane Systems



EasyPro double compressor systems are designed for large ponds and lakes where high volumes of air are needed. All compressors mount into the SC28 large cabinet, allowing up to twelve air lines from a single location. Since the amount of tubing needed can vary widely in larger projects, these systems are designed with everything you need for a complete system except the tubing.

Rotary Vane Systems include compressors, valve assemblies, pressure gauge, pressure relief valves, high volume cooling fans and an electrical box, all contained within a cabinet mounted on an equipment base. Includes self-weighted diffusers.

Model Compressors Volts Diffusers Total Airflow Wt
DCS54AD (2) 1/4HP RV33 115 4 9cfm 217lb
DCS54AD2 (2) 1/4HP RV332 230 4 9cfm 217lb
DCS78AD (2) 3/4HP RV75 115 8 20cfm 304lb
DCS78AD2 (2) 3/4HP RV752 230 8 20cfm 304lb
DCS112AD (2) 1HP RV100 115 12 26cfm 371lb
DCS112AD2 (2) 1HP RV1002 230 12 26cfm 371lb

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