EasyPro Self-Weighted Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers, 6" Long



This EPDM rubber membrane air diffuser is strong and great for pond aeration, circulation, and destratisfying applications. It is an excellent choice for pond and water garden aeration, since it actually produces more circulation and water movement than airstones.
  • Self-weighted design to sink to the pond floor
  • Unlike air stones, these diffusers are easy to clean
Usage warning: In testing, these diffusers produce slightly larger air bubbles than airstones, which translates to less oxygen transfer into the water. For fish holding tanks, fish production ponds, and other high fish load applications, use air stones rather than these diffusers.

Length Inlet Fitting Recommended
Air Flow
Max Air Flow Wt
RAD650W 6" 1/2" MPT 0.4 cfm 1.7 cfm 1 lb

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