EasyPro Sentinel PA34 Rocking Piston Deluxe Pond Aeration System



EasyPro Sentinel PA34 Deluxe Aeration Systems include lockable steel cabinet with compressor, outlet assembly, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, airlines, diffusers, cooling fan and electrical outlet installed. 2 year warranty on compressor; 5 year warranty on tubing, diffusers and cabinet.
  • 18" ground/post cabinet or 22" ground cabinet with cooling fan and electrical outlet
  • 1/4hp 115v Stratus SRC Gen 2 rocking piston compressor
  • Outlet assembly with pressure relief and pressure gauge
  • 100' of 3/8" Quick Sink tubing (optional)
  • QS1 self-weighted rubber membrane diffuser assemblies (optional)
Amps Max Pond Size Max Air Flow Max Depth
1.7 1 acre 2.3cfm 50'

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