EasyPro Septic and Drain 2-in-1 Treatment



EasyPro Septic and Drain 2-in-1 Treatment is a natural bacteria product for treating residential septic systems and household drains. Billions of enzyme-producing bacteria work to accelerate the breakdown of common household wastes such as cooking greases, vegetable oils, fruit and vegetable wastes, sugars, starches, proteins, human wastes, toilet tissue and hair!
  • Helps keep septic systems operating efficiently when used regularly
  • Pre-measured dissolvable packets that dissolve in minutes
  • Helps prevent costly and unpleasant system backups
  • Reduces odors in drain lines and garbage disposals
  • No messy powders or liquids!
  • Keep out of reach of children
For a 1000 gallon residential septic system, simply flush one packet per month to maintain a healthy septic system. Dosage can be increased for neglected systems. Container includes 12 packets, a year's supply for a typical system.

Quick & Easy Septic Treatment
Drop one unopened water-soluble packet into toilet. After it dissolves, flush toilet to force product into septic tank.

Household Drains
Drop one unopened water-soluble packet into a gallon of warm water. Stir solution before applying. Pour 1-2 cups of solution down each sink, shower and garbage disposal drain. This will simultaneously treat you septic tank and restore slow-flowing drains.

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