EasyPro Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Spillway



EasyPro Vianti Falls Stainless Steel Spillways are ideal for formal features, signs and swimming pool features. Water comes in through 1" inlets. Its open design resists clogging from debris or hard water, while an internal baffle calms incoming water to create an even, smooth flow over the lip. Can be used with Cabrio LED light strips.

Spillway Lip Spillway Width Inlets Recommended
Flow Rate
SSS11 2" Deep 11.5" 1 600gph 4lb
SSS23 23.5" 1 1200gph 8lb
SSS35 35.5" 2 1800gph 12lb
SSS47 47.5" 2 2400gph 17lb
SSS59 59.5" 3 3000gph 20lb
SSS71 71.5" 3 3600gph 26lb
SSS611 6" Deep 11.5" 1 600gph 5lb
SSS623 23.5" 1 1200gph 10lb
SSS635 35.5" 2 1800gph 14lb
SSS647 47.5" 2 2400gph 23lb
SSS659 59.5" 3 3000gph 28lb
SSS671* 71.5" 3 3600gph 36lb
SSS1535 15" Deep 35.5" 2 1800-2700gph 22lb
SSS1547* 47.5" 2 2400-3600gph 33lb
SSS1559* 59.5" 3 3000-4500gph 40lb
SSS1571* 71.5" 3 3600-5400gph 55lb
304 steel construction
*Ships by truck freight, which requires that you be present at time of delivery. Freight company will call to schedule an appointment.

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