Applied Biochemists Weedtrine-D Herbicide, Gallon

Applied Biochemists


Weedtrine-D is a fast-acting, broad-range non-volatile herbicide for use in controlling submersed and floating aquatic weeds. This EPA registered 8.53% diquat dibromide is effective for controlling duckweed, coontail, elodea, naiad, pondweed and milfoil.
  • Not available to customers in Michigan
Can be applied with a common sprayer, and must be used with activator. For duckweed, apply 5-7 gallons per acre. For submersed weeds, apply 5-10 gallons per acre. Results often begin to show in as little as 3 days.

Wait 3 days before using water for human use or for watering plants or grass. Wait 5 days before using water for crop irrigation.

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