EnhanceAir™ PRO Aeration Systems from Complete Aquatics

Complete Aquatics

SKU: AE40119

EnhanceAir™ PRO Aeration Systems from Complete Aquatics delivers proper water circulation and good aeration year-round, which is vital for a healthy garden pond! Aeration in the warmer months helps maintain peak oxygen levels for the fish and enhance the biological breakdown of organics, reducing sludge build-up and improving water clarity. In the winter, aeration is effective for maintaining a hole in the ice and enabling the exchange of toxic gases for oxygen. The EnhanceAir™ PRO kits are good for ponds up to 8,000 or 16,000 gallons.

Kits Include:
  • EnhanceAir™ PRO Air Pump
  • 8" Ring Diffuser & Base Plate Assembly(s)
  • 3/8" Self-Weighted Airline
  • Manifold Assembly (PRO 2 only)
  • Complete Owner's & Instruction Guide
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
SKU Model Max Pond Size Air Flow
(At 2' Depth)
Watts Airline Diffusers Wt
AE40119 PRO Mini 4,500 gallons 0.7 cfm 3/8" x 15' 1
AE40004 PRO 1 8,000 gallons 1.0 cfm 25 3/8" x 20' 1 15lb
AE40149 PRO 2 16,000 gallons 2.1 cfm 35 3/8" x 40' 2 28lb

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