EnhanceAir™ PRO Seasonal Manifold Kit from Complete Aquatics

Complete Aquatics

SKU: AE40072

When using an aerator year-round, the discharge point for the air needs to be changed depending on the season: during warm weather, diffusers are placed in deeper water for maximum aeration; in winter, diffusers are placed in shallow water for de-icing. Rather than having to reposition the entire aeration system twice every year, let the EnhanceAir™ PRO Seasonal Bypass Kit make your job simple! Use this kit to add an additional air diffuser to your pond and make the seasonal switch as simple as turning two knobs.

Kit Includes:
  • EnhanceAir™ 3/8" x 20' Self-Weighted Air Line
  • EnhanceAir™ PRO Diffuser Ring
  • Manifold Assembly with Valves to switch air flow from one diffuser to the other
SKU UPC Code Description
AE40072 748252457950 PRO Seasonal Manifold Kit
AE40055 653341179890 PRO 3/8" x 20' Airline
AE40094 748252681607 PRO 8" Diffuser Assembly
AE40050 - PRO Bypass Manifold

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