Scram for Dogs™ Organic Repellent and Training Aid for Dogs, 3.5 Pound Bag


SKU: 14003

  • A green solution to dog intrusion!
  • Keeps dogs away naturally

Scram for Dogs™ is an excellent training aid for your pet or repellent for intruding animals. This product will prevent dogs from digging holes in gardens or near fences. Additionally, it will masks odors that attract dogs to habitually visited areas for urinating/defecating such as lawns, curbs, garbage cans, and flowerbeds. This unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, animals or the environment!

Remove existing feces before applying. Shake bag before applying. Apply granules in and around the area to be protected. Product should repel dogs immediately. If necessary, reapply as needed until product is effective and avoidance is demonstrated. Once repelling action is well-established, reapply every two or three weeks. Reapply after heavy rains.

May be used in any climate or temperature. For outdoor use only.

SKU Size Protected Area
14003 3.5lb Bag 2,100 Sq. Ft.

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