Gopher Scram™ Organic Granular Repellent for Gophers, 3.5 Pounds


SKU: 13004

Gopher Scram™, America's Finest™ Gopher Repellent, is a blend of castor oil and other natural oils in granular form, which is sprinkled on the ground and then watered to activate. Gopher Scram™ deterrent contains only natural and organic products and is fully biodegradable. It can be used in organic gardens and is also safe for use around children and pets. Gopher Scram™ is unique in its two-pronged approach to driving away gophers using bad taste AND strong smell.

Apply Gopher Scram™ any time of year to keep gophers away from your yard without harming them!

Size Protected Area
13004 3.5lb Shaker Canister 2,100 Square Feet

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