Mole Scram™ Organic Mole Repellent


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Do moles dig tunnels through your yard, garden and landscape?

Mole Scram™, America's Finest™ Mole Repellent, is an organic, biodegradable, environmentally-safe granular mole repellent that is guaranteed to keep moles out of your prized gardens, yards and landscapes without bothering humans. Mole Scram™ was developed to work in the southeastern United States (one of the densest mole populations in the country), but is now in use nationwide. It won’t harm animals, the environment and, most importantly, you and your family. Blended from selected organic components, Mole Scram™ is a spreadable repellent (applied across your landscape, yard and gardens) and is not water-soluble. It keeps moles out of your hard because it coats worms, grubs and other insects that moles eat with the disagreeable flavor of castor oil. Lasts longer than competing sprays. 

Apply Mole Scram™ any time of year! Mole Scram™ can be applied by hand or with a spreader, and will protect your yard, gardens and landscape when used as directed. Keep moles away for good without harming them!

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Size Protected Area
12004 4.5lb Shaker Canister 3,375 Sq. Ft.

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