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The Nexus™ filtration systems deliver dramatically improved clarity in ponds. This filter combines mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system, while remaining easy to clean and simple to install. The Nexus™ filters utilze K1 Micro filter media to deliver both types of filtration. All systems can be set up with either pump-fed or gravity-fed setups.

The Eazy Filter and K+ Media
The Eazy is a stainless steel vessel containing a set volume of K1 Micro media, which is located inside the inner chamber of the Nexus™. After water enters the Eazy chamber, it rotates with a downward motion drawing larger solids to settle in the bottom of the filter. The outer chamber of the Nexus™ includes K+ Media. While the inner chamber handles mechanical filtration, the outer chamber is where biological treatment occurs. Different strains of beneficial bacteria reside in the K+ media. These bacteria convert ammonia and nitrites into harmless nitrates. This reduces the levels of toxic ammonia and nitrites in the pond, improving overall fish and plant health.

How the Nexus™ Filter Works
Water from the pond enters the Nexus™ via the inlet into the inner chamber, which works as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. Water then passes through the grills into the stainless steel Eazy filter, where finer particles are removed thanks to the static bed of K1 Micro Media. This mechanically clean water then passes to the outer chamber, where the K+ Media moving bed completes biological treatment. Water then passes through the exit grill into the outlet, returning to the pond

Nexus™ 220 Nexus™ 320
Maximum Pond Size 4800 Gallons 9000 Gallons
Maximum Flow Rate 2640gph 3431gph
Amount of K1 Micro 18L (Inside Eazy) 20L (Inside Eazy)
Amount of K+ Media 50L (for Bio Chamber) 100L (for Bio Chamber)
Max Capacity for K+ Media 150L 300L
Water Volume of Nexus™ 510L 840L
Water Volume of Inner Chamber 105L 205L
Water Volume of Outer Chamber 405L 635L

What Size Air Pump?    (Note that air pump is not included)
Adding additional media to your Nexus filter greatly increases its biological capacity. The above chart shows how much K+ media comes in the Bio Chamber of the Nexus filters, as well as the maximum capacity of media it can handle (if you choose to add more media). The chart below shows how much airflow is recommended, depending upon the amount of media in the Bio Chamber.  

Total K+ Medium in Bio Chamber: Recommended Air Flow
50 to 75 liters of Media  50 to 60 LPM Evo AirPump75
75 to 100 liters of Media 80 to 100 LPM Evo AirPump95
100 to 150 liters of Media 115 to 130 LPM Evo AirPump130
150 to 300 liters of Media 135 to 155 LPM Evo AirPump150

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