Evolution Aqua VP10 & VP20 Adjustable Flow Pond Pump

Evolution Aqua


Evolution Aqua VariPumps are controllable pumps with variable flow rates, perfect for applications where flexibility is desired. Turn up the power for an impressive display, and then turn it down to save energy or reduce water noise. The electronic controller adjusts the power to the asynchronous pump from 0% to 100%, displaying the wattage at that power level, so you always know how much power your pump is consuming.

  • Digital display shows electricity usage at desired power level
  • Hosetail fittings included
  • 30' from pump to control box, 6' from control box to plug
  • The Varipumps may be used in a vertical position as well as the normal horizontal position in either submerged or external flooded applications.

Model Max Flow Rate Max Head
Max Wattage Dimensions
VP10 2642gph (10,000lph) 10' 75W 10.5" x 5" x 6.5"
VP20 5280gph (20,000lph)
18' 190W 12.56" x 5.6" x 7.13"

VP10 has 1.5" discharge.   VP20 has 2" discharge.  

Manual     Troubleshoot Guide

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