Matala EZ Air Pro Kit Replacement Parts



These replacement parts for the Matala EZ Air Kits include hose menders, hose clamps and bags for holding fittings. These accessories give you the extras you need to finish setting up your Matala pond aeration system.
  • Hose Menders  --  Split one outlet into two outlets
  • Hose Clamps  --  Secure connection points and reduces leakage
  • Fittings Bags  --  Include necessary fittings for stated kit
SKU Product Description Compatible EZ Air Kit
3SHM 3 Section Hose Mender All
3SHT 3 Section Hose Mender, Tee-Type All
EAAH200002 Fitting Bag EZ Air Pro 1 Kit
EZ Air Pro 2 PLUS Kit
EZ Air Pro 3 PLUS Kit
EZ Air Pro 5 PLUS Kit
EAAH200003 Fitting Bag EZ Air Pro 3 Kit
EAAH200006 Fitting Bag EZ Air Pro 6 PLUS Kit
EAAH200007 Fitting Bag EZ Air Pro 4 PLUS Kit

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