Matala EZ-Bio Pump Pre-Filters



Matala EZ-Bio pump pre-filters prevent clogging and protect pumps by combining mechanical filtration and biological filtration into an easy to clean, submersible pre-filter. The EZ Bio 11 has a single gray Matala filter element, while the EZ Bio 11 Plus has green Matala filters and the EZ Bio 20 has green Matala and gray Matala filter elements. While Practical Garden Ponds prefers filtration that keeps the cleaning operation outside the pond, there are situations that call for pre-filtering a pump. In those cases, the Matala EZ-Bio Pre-Filters are a great option! Available in single or double core options.

The new EZ-Bio11 Plus also comes with 3 connectors called "Magic Adapters". The standard multi-barb adapter is also included. The Magic Adapter is designed to connect the EZ-Bio11 Plus easily to all sizes of the Pondmaster Mag-Drive pumps on the market. The Magic Adapter also connects the prefilter to our Matala Magna-Flow Pumps.

  • Extend the life of your pump by reducing stress and damage caused by debris
  • Simple, effective bio-mechanical filtration improves pump performance
  • Multiple pore sizes prevents clogging and flow reduction
  • Minimal maintenance requires very little cleaning
  • Expandable for increased capacity
  • Universal barbed fittings accept 1"-1.5" tubing or 1.5" MPT
Model Description Max Flow Rate Filter Material Dimensions
EZBIO11 EZ Bio Single Core 1980gph Gray Media 4.375" x 8" L
EZBIO11Plus EZ Bio Single Core 5000gph Green Media  4.375" x 12"
EZBIO20 EZ Bio Double Core Green/Gray 8" x 7.5" L

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