F-30 Algae Control from Diversified Waterscapes Inc.

Diversified Waterscapes Inc

SKU: WT07255

F-30 Algae Control is a broad-spectrum algaecide for algae control use in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, drip irrigation, potable water and irrigation conveyance systems. When it comes to eliminating unsightly algae, this is the product of choice by professionals.

  • Controls all types of algae: planktonic, filamentous, hydrilla, chara and nitella
  • Due to the highly refined chelation process, you get better control with less copper
  • Odorless blue liquid containing 10.94% higher active ingredients
  • Lower pH of 3.8 is highly stable in alkaline or acid conditions

Application Rate: 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre (approximately 326,000 gallons).

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