F-40 Enviro Blue from Diversified Waterscapes Inc.

Diversified Waterscapes Inc

SKU: WT07271

F-40 Enviro Blue is a liquid dye formulation effective in reducing light penetration while adding natural beauty to the water. This product is effective for shading and coloring water a natural "ocean blue" color.

  • Designed for use in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, streams, aquariums, fountains and bays
  • Rids water of that dirty, stagnate, off-color appearance and restores aquatics to a healthy Caribbean blue
  • Contains U.V. Blockers that screen out excess sunlight
  • Due to its high concentration and solubility, F-40 Enviro-Blue may be applied within minutes and lasts for several weeks
  • Long lasting and non-toxic to fish, animals or plant life, when used as directed

Application Rate: 1 gallon treats 1,000,000 gallons of water (3-4 acre feet)
Shelf Life: Indefinite

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