GatorLock® Cam-Lever Couplings by Green Leaf Inc.



GatorLock® Cam-Lever Couplings make quick disconnects fast and simple -- eliminate the need to unscrew a threaded pipe fitting every time! Couplings have a male or female adapter on one end and either male pipe thread (MPT) or female pipe thread (FPT) on the other end. This allows you to utilize GatorLock® couplings to create a quick disconnect at a threaded fitting, or to connect two male threads or two female threads. Note: You must have one male adapter and one female adapter for GatorLock® couplings to work.

Enhanced Safety
Exclusive Cam Lever Locking Mechanism helps to reduce the possibility of unintentional opening of the cam levers, which could result in personal injury & costly spills.

Smooth Sealing Surface
Parting lines have been removed from the sealing area of the male couplings, reducing the possibility of leaks and wear to the rubber seal.

Expanded Product Application
By extending the nipple length of the "B" series this coupling can now be used in applications which would normally require an additional fitting to cam properly.

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