GC Tek Retro Kits to Convert AquaBead Filters to AlphaONE Filters

Grand Champion Technologies


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With the increasing popularity of the AlphaONE filter, you may find yourself with an AquaBead, wishing it was an AlphaONE filter. However, you don't want to purchase another filter, since the AquaBead itself was an investment. Enter the GC Tek Retro Kit! With this retro kit, you can easily and quickly change the AquaBead filter into an AlphaONE filter.

Bottom Spray Bar
The first part of these kits is the bottom spray bar, which provides free-flowing lateral piping. This results in better agitation of the media.

AlphaBioONE Filter Media
The second part of these kits is the AlphaONE filter media. After all, the real secret behind the AlphaONE filters is the AlphaBioONE filter media. While filter beads trap solids in the first few inches of the bead pack (causing clogging, flow disruption and rising pressure), AlphaBioONE media is uniquely designed to trap debris evenly across the entire filter. This effective change causes greater flow and less back pressure. This all leads to lower maintenance and higher effectiveness. This proprietary filter media was specifically developed to have fewer areas that collect anaerobic bacteria, leading to greater beneficial bacteria activity.

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