GC Tek AlphaONE MegaSystem3 Filter System with Filter, Pump, UV and Parts

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The AquaBead PLUS System™ has everything you need for your pond: a pump, filter and UV all in one package. These components are test-mounted with all fittings and plumbing on durable, all weather pads. It's not just "supposed to fit" -- it does fit! The components are then labeled for easy reassembly, disassembled for convenient shipping, and ready to install!

The MegaSystem3 includes the following components:

  • AlphaONE 10.3 Filter, a 10 Cu. Ft. Bead Filter
  • PerformancePro ArtesianPro 1HP High Flow Pump
  • Zapp Pure 40.3 UV, a 40 Watt UV Clarifier
  • All 3" connections, along with necessary fittings
  • Preplumbed on two all-weather pads

Simple Setup
Since the components are configured for assembly, you only need to set the set the parts on the pad and make some connections. Everything is labeled so that you don't have to wonder where things go. Then hook up the inlet of the pump to the line coming in from your pond, hook up the outlet on the Zapp Pure UV to the line returning to the pond, and run the waste line from the multi port valve — and you're done.

All connections are Quick Disconnect Unions, so that if you ever need to make changes or repairs, you won't have to get out a hacksaw. You can loosen and re-tighten them by hand! All of the components come with plug-in cords.

Maximum Efficiency
It's important to get the maximum flow out of filter systems. Sweep fittings on all water pathways mean less restriction and higher flow throughout, allowing you to use more efficient pumps, saving you money on energy usage.

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