Matala Geyser Hi-Flow Submersible Water Pumps


SKU: GHF-9000

Matala Geyser Hi-Flow Pumps are excellent, vertically-oriented submersible pumps perfect for use as large pond pumps, fountain pumps and water feature pumps. They can be placed directly into the pond, requiring little installation. These noise-free pumps can even be hidden inside pond skimmers.

These high-flow pumps require adequate water depth with unhampered flow to the pump. Pumps must be submerged in water at least 26" deep at all times, and there must be a minimum of 15' pump head to avoid cavitation and amp overload.
  • Useful for irrigation or water discharge in farmland or ponds
  • Useful for rainwater discharge, garden spraying or sump applications
  • Includes 10mm strainer size, 3" female outlet fitting
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Model Max Flow Max Head Watts Volts Amps Outlet
Dimensions Wt
GHF-9000 9500gph 31.0' 750 115 10.9 1" 11.7x7.5x19.3 53lb
GHF-13000 13200gph 33.0' 1125 115 12.0 1.5" 11.7x7.5x19.9 62lb
GHF-18000 18000gph 40.0' 1500 230 40.0 2" 12.6x8.6x22.3 57lb
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