Matala Hakko Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps



Matala Hakko Air Pumps are high-quality, whisper-quiet linear air pumps. These oil-free, energy-efficient aeration pumps have high output with low cost and come equipped with overload protection to prevent overheating. All Hakko pumps are UL and CE listed for outdoor use. Pumps are protected by 3 year warranty, which does not cover replaceable diaphragms and magnet bars. To extend diaphragm life, avoid unnecessary back pressure by using sufficient number of clean diffusers. 6 foot power cord.

  • During summer months, pumps must be properly ventilated to prevent overheating
  • During winter months, pumps should be covered for weatherproofing

Why Should I Aerate My Pond?
Aeration increases oxygen levels, which not only benefits fish and plants but promotes beneficial bacteria growth in biological filters, Aeration also lowers toxic gases and ammonia by promoting gas exchange, reducing chance of winter fish kills by keeping a hold open on the water's surface. Aeration can also be used to agitate stagnant areas of the pond, drawing debris into a skimmer or bottom drain.

Max Pond Max Flow Rate Rated
Watts Ideal Depth Shut-Off Depth Noise at 1m Outlet Housing
HK-25LP 2,500 gallon 32Lpm
17 2-6' 11' 32/38dB 5/8" Composite
HK-40LP 4,000 gallon 70Lpm 1.85psi 40 2-8' 14' 35 dB
HK-40L 4,000 gallon 70Lpm 1.85psi 40 2-8' 14' 35 dB Cast Iron
HK-60L 6,000 gallon 82Lpm 2.13psi 63 2-10' 18' 38 dB
HK-80LH 8,000 gallon 100Lpm 2.13psi 85 2-13' 19' 38 dB
HK-100L 10,000 gallon 119Lpm 2.56psi 116 2-12' 16' 40 dB
HK-120LH 12,000 gallon 138Lpm 2.84psi 126 4-12' 18' 42 dB 1"
HK-150L 15,000 gallon 210Lpm 2.85psi 151
13' 50 dB
HK-200L 20,000 gallon 290Lpm 2.85psi 179
12' 51 dB
HK-250L 25,000 gallon 370Lpm 2.85psi 277
13' 52 dB

Mounting Instructions
The Matala high volume air pumps do not come with the air outlet threaded inside.  This is because the manufacturer does not want users to restrict the air flow. Instead, the large 1/2" O.D. outlet comes with a rubber elbow that is 1/2" I.D on one end and 5/8" I.D. on the other end.  We encourage using this elbow to adapt to PVC, flexible PVC or to a gang valve like the Matala Hakko Heavy Duty Brass Gang Valves.

We recommend using a gang valve and keeping an extra valve open. During setup, use this extra valve to "bleed off" excess air so that there is not excessive back pressure. Slowly close the extra valve until the air flow is at its maximum. Do not continue to close valve beyond maximum airflow, as this excessive back pressure will shorten the life of your air pump diaphragms.

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