Matala Hakko Air Diffusers with Included Base



Matala Hakko Base Air Diffusers are membrane air diffuser assemblies that feature heavy-duty plastic bases with soft edges. These bases are hollow so that they can be filled with sand or gravel, eliminating the need for bricks and straps to get the diffuser to sink. Two sizes of bases are offered: the small base can accommodate one or two diffusers, and the large base can accommodate two or four diffusers.

  • Heavy-duty diffusers produce medium bubbles, reducing back-pressure on the pump
  • All base units come with a 3/4" FPT fitting and a multi-barb adapter with a 3/8" barb, a 1/2" barb, a 5/8" barb and a 1" barb to attach to any of those hose sizes. 
Model Size of Base Included
Air Pump Size
MDB11 Small 1 9" 40-80 Lpm
MDB11-12 Small 1 12" 80-150 Lpm
MDB12 Small 2 9" 80-160 Lpm
MDB12-12 Small 2 12" 160-300 Lpm
MDB22 Large 2 9" 80-160 Lpm
MDB22-12 Large 2 12" 160-300 Lpm
MDB24 Large 4 9" 150-250 Lpm
MDB24-12 Large 4 12"

When used with recommended air flow, discs need very little or no maintenance. Simply rinse the disc with clean water. Use bleach if your diffuser needs extreme cleaning.

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