Matala Hakko Air Pump Replacement Parts



Matala Hakko Diaphragm Kits bring your Hakko pumps back to full potential, and are simple to install. All you need is a medium Phillips screwdriver, a small Phillips screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Note: If your diaphragm kits are frequently blowing out, you most likely have excessive back-pressure. Check airline for kinks and check air diffusers for clogging. Ceramic air stones typically need to be cleaned every 3 months. For the best protection against excessive back-pressure, we recommend using a gang valve and keeping an extra valve open.  During setup, use this extra valve to "bleed off" excess air so that there is not excessive back-pressure. Slowly close the extra valve until the air flow is at its maximum. Do not continue to close valve beyond maximum airflow, as this excessive back pressure will shorten the life of your air pump diaphragms.

Matala Hakko Magnets move with the diaphragm and holds the diaphragm secure. Using worn diaphragms for extended periods of time will wear down the magnet. If you open the motor for repair and find dust or small metal particles, you may need to replace the magnet. Always inspect the magnet for wear when replacing diaphragms. 

The following additional replacement parts are specifically for the Matala Hakko Air Pumps.

  • Air Inlet Filter - Optional air filter for HK-25L can be inserted into the air suction port on the air pump. Necessary for outdoor use.
  • Air Filter Pads - Located at the top of the air pump. Can be washed clean with freshwater many times before needing replacement.
  • Cover Gasket, Upper - Located underneath top cover. Helps keep moisture away from top air filter pad.
  • Outer L-Tube & Clamp - Used to connect pump outlet to air manifolds
  • Safety Switch - Shuts pump off when diaphragms fail. This eliminates excessive vibration and motor wear.
  • Vibration Mount Set - Acts as shock absorbed to reduce motor vibration.
Matala replaced the HK-80L and HK-120L models with improved models HK-80LH and HK-120LH in January 2015. Please note that these pumps do not use the same magnet bar as the former air pumps.
  • HK-80L pumps (Serial #811155 and lower, unit has black knob) use the HK-M60/80 magnet bar
  • HK-80LH pumps (Serial #811156 and higher, unit has gray knob) use the HK-M80H magnet bar
  • HK-120L pumps (Serial #M121572 and lower, unit has black knob) use the HK-M120 magnet bar
  • HK-120LH pumps (Serial #M121573 and higher, unit has gray knob) use the HK-M120H magnet bar

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