Helix Life Support Liquid Barley Straw Extract

Helix Life Support

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Made from all-natural organic barley straw, Helix Barley Straw Extract is a professional strength, highly-concentrated blend that is put through a stabilization process to ensure a fresh, potent product that reacts quickly to keep your pond into pristine condition. Barley Straw Extract is quicker & more effective than barley pellets or barley bales and is completely organic and fish-safe.

For Optimal Results
Use in conjunction with Helix Beneficial Bacteria, which manages build-up that may settle on the bottom of your pond after using this concentrated product.
Best results are obtained with a pH between 7.2-8.9, a water temperature of at least 42°F, and proper circulation in the pond via a pump, fountain or waterfall.

Use 1 ounce per 1000 gallons of pond for typical use (May be increased up to four times regular dose to combat heavy build up). Apply around the perimeter of the pond or in an area of circulation to mix the extract throughout your pond. Treating every two weeks is recommended.

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