Helix Life Support Pond Skimmer Replacement Parts and Accessories

Helix Life Support

SKU: 1910-x

The following replacement parts and accessories are available for the Helix Pond Skimmer.

Product Description
1910-X Skimmer Basket Plate for External Pumps
1910-S Skimmer Basket Plate for Submersible Pumps
2073 Blue Matala Pad
2074 Green Matala Pad (Substitute for Blue pad)
2075 Black Matala Pad (Substitute for Blue pad)
3423-X Filter Pad Support Rack for External Pumps
3423-S Filter Pad Support Rack for Submersible Pumps
1878 Floating Weir
1877 Standard 8" Debris Basket (NOTE: May be delivered in White or Black)
2776 16" Debris Basket (Incompatible with Matala Pad or Submersible Pump)
2778 24" Debris Basket (Incompatible with Matala Pad or Submersible Pump)
3426 Support Rack for 24" Debris Basket
3422 High-Capacity Skimmer Net
HBHF Overflow Kit: 1.5" Bulkhead, Elbows and Fittings
3616-R Weir Block Plate, Movable
3616-P Weir Block Plate, Permanent
3629 Stainless Steel Faceplate Extension

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