Helix Life Support Discharge Kits for Helix Skimmer and Assorted Pumps - Pitless Adapter EZ-Pull

Helix Life Support

SKU: 3064

These Helix Check Valve Assemblies come in the exact configurations to install many select pumps inside the Helix skimmer. Three types of discharge kits are available:

  • Compact CVA for use with any compatible external pumps
  • Regular CVA (3064 Models) for use with various submersible pumps
  • Quick Disconnect CVA (3382 Models) with pitless adapter for use with various submersible pumps
Not all submersible pumps will fit inside a Helix Skimmer with a discharge kit, but we have tested all the following pumps, with great results.

SKU Compatible Pump Models
3064 *ShinMaywa Norus: 50CR2.15S, 50CR2.25S, 50CR2.4S, 50CR2.75S
*Anjon Big Frog: 3000, 4200, 5500, 6300
*Anjon Big Frog Eco-Drive: 3000, 4200, 5500, 6500
Tsurumi: 2PU, 3PN, 4PN, 8PN
507 Any compatible external pump
*We offer these pump models in a complete package that includes Helix Skimmer, Quick Disconnect CVA (3382) and pump.

Note: When you buy your Helix Skimmer from Practical Garden Ponds, upon request we will pre-drill your skimmer so that any of the listed pumps and this discharge kit will easily fit. If you already have your skimmer but it is not pre-drilled, then upon request we can include a free cardboard template with purchase of a Helix Quick Release Discharge Kit so that you can drill the skimmer for easy installation of the listed pumps.

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