Hiblow® Polypropylene Air Diffuser (TP-250)


SKU: 50SN000020

The Hiblow® Polypropylene Air Diffuser is a 250mm (almost 10 inch) diffuser with metric MPT that is close to 1/2".   The diffuser comes with an included end cap.

This diffuser stick produces medium bubble and adds less than 0.2 PSI on the system.  The diffuser will not clog for a long time because of the large pore size.  The typical life of the diffuser is 4 to 5 years, after which it should be changed.   However, the manufacturer recommends checking the diffuser annually to see that it is clean and not clogged or wearing for the safety of your pump.    Note that the maximum recommended flow rate is up to 80 liters of air per minute per diffuser.   On pumps larger that 80 liters, therefore, multiple diffusers should be used.     

Compare with Practical Garden Ponds recommended EPDM Diffuser by using this link to Matala MDB11 (Click on this line).  

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