Hiblow® Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps with Alarms



Hiblow® HP Alarm Air Pumps boast effective aeration, efficient operation and reliable service. For over 30 years, these energy-efficient, low-noise pumps have been used in backyard ponds and aquaculture applications. Every HP Alarm Air Pump features an alarm that will sound if air is not flowing. Also features thermal overload protection to guard against overheating and pump damage. 
  • Oil-free operation eliminates danger of contamination in your pond!
  • Linear diaphragm design for quick, inexpensive repair of worn pumps
  • Includes pressure tap location for external alarm sensor (Excludes HP-20)
  • These 120vAc / 60Hz pumps are UL Listed (Excludes HP-20)
  • Outer diameter of outlet measures 18mm (0.71")
  • Comes with rubber elbow to adapt to 3/8" ID tubing
  • 6' power cord
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty: https://www.hiblow-usa.com/warranty/ 

NOTE:  PGP provides a complimentary extended warranty, repairing or replacing a Hiblow pump that fails during the second year after purchase. This offer does not include diaphragms, which are wearable parts. Pumps with water inside or other abuse are not eligible for warranty replacement. 

Model Rated Air Flow /
Loading Pressure
Watts Noise*
Wt Dimensions
HP-40A 40 Lpm @ 12.8 kPa 20kPa 38 32 dB 13lb 9" x 6.75"
x 7.5"
HP-60A 60 Lpm @ 14.7 kPa 25kPa / 3.6psi 51 35 dB 15lb 10" x 7"
x 7.75"
HP-80A 80 Lpm @ 14.7 kPa 71 36 dB
HP-100LLA 100 Lpm @ 17.7 kPa 30kPa / 4.3psi 75 42 dB 20lb 11" x 8"
x 8.75"
HP-120LLA 120 Lpm @ 17.7 kPa 100 45 dB
HP-150A 150 Lpm @ 20.0 kPa 155 47dB
HP-200A 200 Lpm @ 20.0 kPa 250 48dB
*Noise level measured from 1 meter away, under normal loading pressure

PDF Icon40A Specs PDF Icon60A-80A Specs PDF Icon100LLA-120LLA Specs PDF Icon150A-200A Specs

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