Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer for Water Lilies and Lotuses

Highland Rim


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Highland Rim Aquatic Plant Fertilizer is specially formulated for blooming aquatic plants, taking the guesswork out of feeding water garden plants the right nutrients they need to bloom and grow. Highland Rim is a 10-26-10 fertilizer (10 parts nitrogen, 26 parts phosphorus, 10 parts potassium) specifically suited for water lilies, lotuses and blooming marginals. Without regular fertilization, water lilies and lotuses (which are heavy feeders) can under-perform, producing yellow leaves and a weak blossoms. With nourishment from Highland Rim, these flowers will produce bigger, brighter and more beautiful blooms!

  • Nitrogen produces healthy green foliage growth
  • Phosphorus is most responsible for luxurious blooming
  • Potassium helps promote vigor and boost resistance to disease
  • Carefully formulated to promote maximum blooming potential
  • Copper-free, safe and non-toxic tablets will not harm fish or aquatic life
  • Fast-acting tablets will not promote algae blooms
  • Will not crumble and dissolve in the water before they reach the plant container
These 10 gram tablets mean you need fewer tablets per pot. Use 1 tab per gallon of soil every 6 weeks for marginals, monthly for lilies and lotus.

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