Hikari® Excel Color Enhancing Koi Diet, 11 Pounds


SKU: HIK13382

Hikari® Excel is a scientifically developed, color enhancing diet that contains a mixture of highly nutritious wheat-germ and pure cultured spirulina. After a month of daily feeding, it can produce ideal coloration.

  • Floating pellets reduce water quality problems, reduce cost and help eliminate overfeeding
  • High in spirulina (natural color enhancer) and rich in vitamin E for enhancement of color, gloss and luster
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health and promote long life
  • Superior nutrition promotes balanced growth and is easily digestible

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein -- 35% (min)

Wheat germ meal, fish meal, wheat flour, corn, spirulina, krill meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal.

Feeding Suggestions
Feed up to 4 times daily based on water temperature and Koi activity level. Warmer temperatures translate to more activity and the need for more food. Do not exceed the amount your fish will eat within 3-5 minutes of feeding. Remove remaining food after this period to avoid overfeeding and consequent water problems.

Pellet Size
5.0 - 5.5 mm (between 3/16th and 1/4 of an inch)

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