Hikari® Food Sticks for Top-Feeding Carnivores, 8.8 Ounces


SKU: HIK21729

Hikari® Food Sticks™ are a balanced formula developed for top-feeding carnivorous fish, whose main diet of live food frequently causes nutritional deficiencies. This superior blend helps reduce fish waste, stimulate appetite and support immune system health.
  • Superior nutrition to live food, without the risk of infection from live food
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C to support immune system health
  • High-grade carotenoids promote natural, brilliant colors in fish
  • Stick absorbs water quickly and softens for ready acceptance
  • Floating sticks will not cloud the water
Feeding Instructions
Feed 2-3 times daily the amount that fish will consume within a few minutes. Avoid overfeeding. Carnivorous fish may resist a change in diet; continued use will ensure acceptance.

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